Academic Departments

Academic Academic Departments

The Program in Africana Studies (AAS) provides opportunities for students to learn about the experiences of people of African descent in North and South America, the Caribbean and continental Africa.

Courses are presently offered leading to a major or minor in Africana Studies. Students are encouraged to pursue these courses, even if they are not majors or minors, in order to achieve a balanced education in keeping with the stated goals of the University of Miami.

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Educational Objectives

  • To help students research, acquire, and disseminate information about the historical and social experiences of Africans and people of African descent on all sides of the Atlantic basin, but with special emphasis on the United States.
  • To facilitate students’ understanding of the multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, globalized society of our time.
  • To help students think critically about the global black experience.
  • To prepare students for graduate work and professional careers.